After starting my study of Victorian Literature, I saw that we had Sherlock as one of the texts to study. I have always had a deep love for the stories of Sherlock Holmes and when I saw this text I was delighted. I had never read the original texts and the chance to study it fascinated me.

 Sherlock is one of the best television series available at the moment.  The re-imagining’s of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into modern day London has presented us with a spectacular and brilliant homage to the author. The witty and cutting remarks of our protagonist provide entertainment throughout the show and is bought to life by the incredible and handsome Benedict Cumberbatch without whom the show may not have flourished.  The details which has been incorporated from the original novels serve to enrich the existing storylines and add to the overall effect of the series.

Sherlock season 4

Of course you can’t have Sherlock without Doctor Watson and Martin Freeman could not play the part better. The two have amazing chemistry and really bring the friendship to life adding to the credibility of the programme and the authenticity.  The relationships within the series are portrayed with skill and are one of the attracting aspects of the show.

I started watching this show during my leaving which was probably a very bad idea considering how addictive it is and then the torturous wait for the next episode is so long! Definitely cut into studying time but I got my choice of course so it can’t have done that much harm. But the extra-long episodes make it so worth it and if you haven’t seen it yet I cannot recommend it enough.

Now, no show is complete without an evil mastermind and the wonderful Irish actor Andrew Scott portrays Moriarty so well that he literally becomes the character and it’s impossible to see him as anything else. Honestly I adore him as this character, the vitality and humour he brings the role doesn’t dampen the malevolent nature of Moriarty at all and simply adds a sinister and insane edge.


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