Champ tea maker, Champ sessioner, and Champ in general. 11185702_937214232966922_782986822_n

Before I start talking about this fool, there is a few things everyone should know.. He is the most competitive man I know, he knows a lot about things and is always talking shite, he comes across as being a total Gentleman, as we all saw the day we all met, he held doors and made it his business to chat to everyone in the group individually. But at the end of the day, he’s only after one thing. He knows all the tricks into getting stuff, and girls. Which is fairly handy in many ways.

Sean is the most influential person to a lot of people that I’ve met this year, its both a good thing, and a really bad thing. He has corrupted my darling Tom Bae, and I suppose you could say he has corrupt me too.  He didn’t mean to I’m sure 😛 Despite this, he is probably the easiest person to talk to, it totally works in his favor, but I would more than likely go insane if we didn’t have so many late night conversations.

He has got the eyes of a hawk, which he claims that he developed from haing to pick the veg out of his dinner 😛 But we’d definitely die if it wasn’t for this mad skill.

Sean turns into 11146006_932924980062514_1973107563_nJamie Oliver as soon as he walks into the kitchen, which means mixed herbs and olive oil gets thrown into every pot and pan! No matter how many times we ask him to lay off it, he just can’t stop his Jamie instincts from coming out. To be fair, he’s a great cook, and should get off his arse more often… because Sean could quite possible be the laziest man on earth! We try keep Jamie at bay, because Jamie is scary and bad, Viv would agree.

Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift make regular appearances when Sean is the DJ, he knows every word of almost every one of their songs, well he’ll mumble or make up his own if he doesn’t. its too funny really 😛


He’s a tough bastard when it comes to Drink, because I’ve proven, too many times, that he can drink me under the table.. I should learn to not suggest Kings or Shots, because I lose every time 😛 Unfortunately himself and Jess or Nug are left to look after me, but they all do it so well, and now that I know they’ll look after me, whats there to stop me from getting even drunker the next night?

So, Sean is the coolest, most easy going, completely lazy guy that I’ve met this year.

and he’s also a huge cunt 🙂


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